SIC detém falso agente da Polícia Nacional

SIC arrests false National Police agent

According to a note from the SIC that Angop had access to, this Monday, in possession of the citizen in question, five service passes from the SIC, PN and intelligence services were found.

The detainee also had a communication radio and a black toy pistol in his possession.

According to the SIC, the citizen stated that he had never been a soldier and the referred passes were obtained through a citizen in the municipality of Cazenga, in exchange for the payment of 50 thousand kwanzas.

He claimed that he used these passes to intimidate people, facilitate circulation on public roads and access places of interest, including police stations.

Also at the weekend, SIC detained, in flagrante delicto, in Vila Alice, Luanda, two nationals for the crimes of fraud and criminal association.

These citizens are involved in a scheme for receiving documents with promises of tickets in Organs executive bodies of the Ministry of Interior (Minint).

With them, 11 individual files and 200,000 kwanzas were found, collected from different people who wanted to join the various central bodies of Minint.

The SIC added that they claimed to have already received 56 processes to qualify through the transition process from the Angolan Armed Forces (FAA).

The SIC calls on citizens to opt for the legal and appropriate way to enter any job and not give in to misleading promises.