Criminal justice

During criminal investigation it seeks to verify whether there has been a crime, discover and gather evidence, identify the perpetrators and assign responsibility.

Criminal investigation is the process that makes it possible to verify whether a crime has happened or not, who and under what circumstances has committed it, bringing the perpetrators to account and trying to protect the victims, if any.
Crimes are prohibited behaviors described in criminal law, which correspond to penalties such as fines, imprisonment, community work, additional penalties (for example, the prohibition of driving a vehicle), or security measures, in the case of non-imputable.

SIC is the body of justice that investigates crimes

The Criminal Investigation Service is part of the Ministry of the Interior and supports the judicial authorities in the fight against crime. Its mission is to detect and investigate crimes, identify the perpetrators and gather evidence that confirms that a crime has occurred.

Don't be afraid or afraid to file a report. The process is simple and free and provides several protection mechanisms.

To make a complaint or report a crime you DO NOT need:

  • Know who is the author of the crime.
  • Hire a lawyer.
  • Know how to classify the crime in legal terms.
  • make any type of payment

The complaint and the complaint are not the same thing:

  • In the complaint, the facts are reported but the declaration of intent is not presented.
  • A complaint is an account of the facts accompanied by a statement in which the victim expresses a desire to have the perpetrator prosecuted in court. This declaration can be made even when it is not yet known who the perpetrator of the crime is.