Advice on preventing vehicle theft:

In addition to closing your car
  • Lock the doors.
  • Guarde as chaves sobressalentes em casa ou no seu bolso, mas nunca no interior da viatura.
  • Replace door locks with thin headless rods. It is thus practically impossible to pull them with a wire.
  • When parking, leave the engine side facing the most visible location. If someone moves it, it will be more easily detected.
  • Even if your absence is brief, never let the engine run. Not even in a car park.
  • Use a lock, pedal stick or steering wheel visible from the outside.
  • Use a lockable fuel filler cap.
Como evitar o furto de objectos deixados no interior do seu carro?

The best way is, of course, never to do it, but if this is not possible then:

  • Feche-os no porta- bagagens, mas faça-o antes de chegar ao local onde vai estacionar, porque pode estar a ser observado. Os marginais utilizam muito o sistema de vigiar os parques, vendo quem guarda objectos de valor na mala do carro e agindo posteriormente com lucro.
  • Nunca deixe no porta-luvas os documentos da sua viatura, livros de cheques, cartões de crédito, armas de defesa pessoal etc… Lembre-se que este local oferece pouca segurança e constitui um dos primeiros “esconderijos” a despertar a atenção do delinquente.
  • When traveling, do not leave your luggage in the trunk when you stop overnight, as its weight and the consequent pressure it exerts on the shock absorber system are easily detectable by a “professional”.
  • Install a removable system – the drawer – for your radio and cassette player.
Prevention is the best protection

What to do if, despite all precautions, you are the victim of a theft?

  • Immediately report to the law enforcement authority with jurisdiction in that area.
  • Make a detailed report with precise indications regarding the vehicle and its characteristics, namely if there are special brands that can facilitate its recovery.
  • Give as accurate a description as possible of the valuables that were inside the vehicle.
  • Instale um localizador GPS na viatura por forma a saber a sua localização depois de ser roubada.